ADCB – Ambition Visualized

The Brief

ADCB (or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) had slipped to the third position in the UAE banks. For a larger market, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but in a small market like the United Arab Emirates, where there were five prominent local banks in the sector, this represented a huge loss in market share.

Once known as a bank that understood it customers, and represented the diverse demographic of the United Arab Emirates, ADCB was quickly becoming just another financial institution.

Our Solution

Together with Solve Media, we saw an opportunity to evolve the brand messaging of the bank, and not correlate to the mundane financial promotions of it’s competitors. By focusing on the customers, and how ADCB could represent their financial goals, their ambitions and their future dreams, we changed the narrative, by making a financial institution a champion of it’s customers ambitions.

With the ‘Ambition Visualized’ Campaign, we created a message that was a resounding success to it’s customers, and elevated this financial institution beyond just money.

The Results

We struck an emotional chord with the bank’s customers and management, realigning it’s internal purposes and ambitions, but not only that, we also enabled the following:

  • Increase in trust led to 29% lift in new-to-bank customer relationships
  • Drove 23% increase in product acquisition
  • Brand saw significant growth across key attributes: +22% in “brand understands my needs” and +21% in “committed to my life stage needs”
  • MENA Effie finalist

Overall Campaign Formats

With this omnichannel campaign, we delivered it across a multitude of platforms, you can see them below here:






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