The Brief

Lash was an ambitious project, right from the on-set. A social network, purely on mobile targeted exclusively for women. Difficult as it was, we really needed to get into the mindset of these women, and understand what is it that they need from a social media network.

But the project didn’t just stop there, Lash had ambitions to become a mega-app similar to the likes of WeChat in China, integrating a Marketplace, Social SOS feature, Digital Wardrobe, and Featured Posts from Stars, this project just became a whole lot difficult.

Our Solution

We spent countless hours doing not only surveys, but recruiting a locally based team that could understand the local audience more effectively. We needed to understand the mindset of the consumer, and more importantly how to target the different, disparate user personas that the application wanted to target.

This was couple with user interviews, structured and both un-structured so we could not only understand the scope of the interest of the users, but to also understand which features made sense, and which features didn’t

The Results

Currently in development by the in-house technical team, we submitted a plethora of reports, succinctly summarized in the user persona documents. Targeted for a 2019 launch, we have great hopes for this brand, and believe it has the potential to be a Fashiolista for the entire South East Asia region.

User Personas


Mobile Application Screens


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