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The Brief

Tiger Beer’s new campaign, “The Uncaged,” takes the idea of showcasing emerging talent and “uncaging” local heroes and focuses it on those whose approach to their craft serves a good cause.

The campaign will feature a group of “Uncaged Heroes” from fields like technology, dance, fashion, music, art and food.

Our Solution

To kick off the campaign, Tiger Beer will highlight the group of Uncaged Heroes, sharing their work in a launch film that can be seen on the brand’s social media channels and campaign website.

Tiger Beer will also partner with Hypebeast, which will host contestant submissions and direct chosen finalists to perform on stage in one of three “Uncaged Nights” events in June.

Finalists chosen from each of these three performances will then faceoff in July for a chance to be featured at The Uncaged LIVE event on Sept. 20 in Venice, Italy.

The Results

Jeremy Beadles, regional corporate affairs director of Tiger Beer, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific, said the brand has always done things in a different way and challenged norms to help people uncage their tiger spirit.

“Our belief is that the best ideas are born on the streets, in much the same way our brand started life on the hot streets of Singapore. Uncaged is a reminder of the tremendous potential that lies within the young generation, and we want to use our global scale to ensure that these people are given the recognition and support they deserve as they use their creative talent to make a positive impact in their communities,” he added.

The Uncaged

The Mother

Would you leave your career to pursue a hidden passion? Many don’t in favour of more traditional and secure jobs. Together with NagaDDB Tribal – “Uncage: Awaken Your Courage” – which celebrates  every day people who challenge societal conventions by leaving their promising careers to pursue their dreams.

The campaign features a short video with three local entrepreneurs, Im Cheah, Jun Chan and Herukh Jethwani who went down the road less travelled.

Charlie Ruedpokanon

A two-minute action film trailer was all it took to change the course of Charlie’s life, attracted to the silver screen not by the thought of acting but the lure of action. Learning at the knee of Shaolin Masters he found his way into one of Asia’s top stunt troupes and pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible every day.

Raised in America Charlie followed the advice of his hard- working Thai parents and played it safe going to college and getting a degree in business management. But he knew there was more and the inspiration of Asia’s amazing action films could not be denied, leading him to break free and chase his dream or becoming a stuntman.

Anthony Chen

Singapore born and bred and from a classic middle class family, Anthony was expected to follow the predictable path to career and financial success. Unexpectedly however, he discovered a passion for filmmaking. In 2013 he won the prestigious Cannes Camera D’Or for his debut film ‘Ilo’.

Today Anthony continues to break new ground, inspiring others to pursue their creative dreams and find the courage to make them reality. As an uncaged hero Anthony has broken through the conventions of Asian cinema, dominated by action and gangster films, to create work that conveys a new sense of honesty that he hopes will inspire others to uncage their stories and their creativity.

Joey Pan

Joey Pang moved to Hong Kong when she was three, and grew up wanting to be an artist. Moved by the way the human body and art could interact, she began as a makeup artist – but the transient nature of her work became frustrating.

The permanency of tattoos caught her attention and she pursued her dream of becoming an artist working on living canvas and changing how body art is seen. As an uncaged hero Joey Pang hasn’t just broken free from the cage that has kept women away from the art of tattooing, she has completely redefined the way the human body can be used as canvas to express a personality.

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